How I shot Evie Farrah's Fashion Portraits

How I shot Evie Farrah’s Fashion Portraits

At the beginning of the month, I had the chance to work again with the lovely Evie Farrah to create some fashion images for her model/ performer portfolio. The original plan was to re-shoot her burlesque routine from the Black Velvet Burlesque night a few evenings before, but on the evening of the shoot we had a change of plan, as you will see from the images.

Stepahnie-Evie Farrah Shoot.jpg

The thing that did not change was my idea to experiment with a single light source. I had been inspired to try this after reading some articles over at Damien Lovegrove’s ProPhotoNut website. The result of this was to experiment with the lighting setup as shown in the diagram below.

Lighting diagram

The only main change throughout this studio session was the positioning of the beauty dish. I was roughly varying it from 60-120 degrees to the camera left. The image at the top is the result of one of these setups. To see more images from this session, you can visit either my Facebook Fan Page or my Flickr stream.


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