Project 52: 7: A CellPhone Portrait

Project 52: 7: A CellPhone Portrait

Part one of this assignment was to write a written estimate of what it is going to take to do the job of a cellphone portrait. The idea being that the image is being used for a local communications company and they want an exclusive use on the image for two years. The image “may” be used on their website. The AD just told you that they are looking at a print run of 25,000 brochures, and 100 POP display cards.

Below is how I’ve set out my bid.

1.     Photography Fee
25,000 Brochures (2 year UK Exclusive Rights)
100 POP (2 year UK Exclusive Rights)
2.     Production Crew
Hair/Make up
3.     Photographic Medium
Process, develop, archive
Prints and/or Contact Sheets (£10 each)
Photo Retouching (£25p/h)
4.     Studio Rental
Studio Rental – Shoot Days (x1)
Studio Craft Services (4 people, £30 per head)
5.     Equipment
6.     Talent and Casting

To get prices for the image rights I headed over to Getty Images to use their price calculator to get estimates for 2 year UK Non-Exclusive rights for the images. To change it to UK Exclusive rights, I added an extra 25% to those fees.

The actual production costs did surprise me as to how little it contributed to the overall fees and expenses of the shoot, but then again I feel I was on the lower end of pricing for models, Make Up Artists (MUA), photographers, etc. The total crew being only a photographer, a MUA, a model, and the Art Director being on site.

Is this the way you would have priced for the job? What things would you have done differently?

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