Sheffield's Ecclesall Woods Flowers

Sheffield’s Ecclesall Woods Flowers

Ecclesall Woods Flowers.jpg, originally uploaded by Jon W. Howson.

A recent trip to Ecclesall Woods to photograph some flowers, mainly daffodils and windflowers as they were the only two I could find. I have seen lots more varieties in the past, but it may still be a bit early in the year for them.

Also, it was a chance to try out my collection of close-up lens on my canon camera, having been originally bought for my fujifilm one. An interesting lesson learnt that the working distance decreases as the strength of the close-up lens increases. I had completely forgotten about that happening.

Anyways, more images, besides the ones posted here, can be found over on my flickr photostream.

Ecclesall Woods Flowers-5.jpg

Ecclesall Woods Flowers-4.jpg

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