The Making of LE52Weeks-3: Still Life

The Making of LE52Weeks-3: Still Life

Set-up Shot:

Still Life Assignment Set-up

As you can see from the set-up image, I am using a DIY Light box, made from cutting two sides out and taping bits of white bed sheets to these areas. Inside the box, on the top side is a white poster-board to aid with reflecting light. There are two different coloured backgrounds in use, a white and a black ground, that are taped in place.

Two speedlights are placed at 45degress to the box, both set to E-TTL and dialled down -1 by using the Flash Exposure Compensation on the Master, non-firing flash sat on camera.


Still Life Original Image

Post Processing:

Processed using Scott Kelby’s 7 Point System that includes:

  1. Adobe Camera Raw Processing
  2. Curves Adjustment
  3. Channel Adjustments (LAB colour/Apply Image)
  4. Shadow/Highlight
  5. Painting with Light
  6. Layer Blend Modes & Layer Masks
  7. Sharpening Techniques

Then finally the image is inserted into the layout to get the image at the top of the post.

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