Top 3 influencers of my post production

Top 3 influencers of my post production

Who has influenced my photographic post production techniques?

  1. Benjamin Kanarek
    The first step in my post production to add some dimension to my images through increasing contrast and saturation. Benjamin Kanarek’s blog post also details his method for the desaturated look as well. His blog also contains lots of useful information regarding his career in photography, politics of fashion and technical tips.
  2. Scott Kelby
    The second step in my post production uses some of the steps from Scott Kelby’s 7-Point System book. The tips I borrowed deal with maximising colour through using LAB colour. I will not disclose what I do as it can be readily found in his book 😉
  3. Vincent Versace
    The third step in my post production is influenced by workflow tips I gathered from reading Vincent Versace’s Welcome to Oz book. In the book he deals with how people read photographs and how you can use your post processing to influence the viewer’s experience of the image.

Who are the people that have influenced your post processing techniques, and what have you learnt from them?

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