Elegant Chesterfield Boudoir Photoshoot: Angel

Elegant Chesterfield Boudoir Photoshoot: Angel

Angel's Boudoir by Jon Howson Photography

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Elegant Chesterfield Boudoir Photoshoot by Jon Howson Photography

Elegant Chesterfield Boudoir Photoshoot Images

It was a pleasure to finally work again with Angel after so long. We have collaborated on a number of shoots since we first came across each other late in 2009, ranging from Gothic shoots in Sheffield General Cemetery through to fashion shoots on the moors. This time, it was for a boudoir photoshoot.

This shoot had partially been in the pipeline since the Summer, but was not finalised until after Angel’s wedding, when she was obviously less busy and stressed out about things. A small number of emails were exchanged between the two of us to clarify the theme of the shoot, and for potential outfits to be chosen. I created a pinterest board with ideas and inspiration specific to the boudoir photoshoot. This helped me gain an understanding of what sort of image that Angel was looking for.

It cropped up early in the emails that Angel had been discussing with her partner about arranging some lingerie type shots, and that I was lucky enough to come along at the right time. As Angel’s wedding had just passed, the opportunity to shoot some bridal lingerie was too good to be passed up. The combination of bodice, suspender belt, stockings, etc. can be seen in the above images, with the additional of Angel’s cathedral length veil added.

Towards the end of the session, we both relaxed a bit more, and shot some fun images, like the image below. Maybe there is an opening for pet boudoir photoshoots. Who knows?

Angel's Boudoir by Jon Howson Photography

I think some of my favourite images come from the time that we were shooting with the patterned fabric. Please let me know which image(s) were your favourite in the comment section below.

Thank you Angel for working with me again on yet another project. Each time is a fun and creative experience, and I’m beginning to realise that your wardrobe is indeed like the one featured in the Narnia tales.

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