Autumnal Eve in Sheffield

Autumnal Eve in Sheffield

Featuring Sheffield’s own Laura Slater


In the past week, I have had the pleasure of working with the Sheffield based model Laura Slater. I came across her through a casting that I hosted upon my Model Mayhem profile that she replied to. We quickly set up the shoot time and location and proceeded with the shoot. We decided to shoot in Sheffield’s Ecclesall Woods, a location close to both us. Preparation beforehand was mainly the collecting of leaves of a variety of colours from local woodland areas. Why I did not search the location I would be shooting at, I have no idea.


On the day of the shoot it was colder than anticipated, but I admired Laura’s commitment to model. (You may notice the goosebumps in some of the images.) The idea to attach the leaves to Laura’s underwear via small safety pins was a simple and effective idea. However, given the weather conditions, it may have been better to prepare the “outfit” in a warmer environment before the photography took place.

The initial images were first taken with ambient light, and with only Laura’s top half prepared. Next came the addition of a small soft-box forty-five degrees to Laura. I dropped the ambient light to between one and two stops below a correctly exposed image should be. Finally, we completed Laura’s outfit and moved location slightly. The soft-box remained at roughly forty-five degrees to her.


I have already had alternative ideas for shooting this theme again. A couple of the ideas are to possibly shoot this with an older woman in her “autumn” years, and possibly shooting this at sunset to suggest a time of closing.

If you were to photograph this theme, what things would you have done, both similarly and differently?

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