Dance Photoshoot in Sheffield with Katie

Dance Photoshoot in Sheffield with Katie

Sheffield Dance Photoshoot Images


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Images from a recent dance photoshoot with Sheffield based dancer Katie. Please scroll through the images to view all the photoshoot.

All the images were shot with a simple lighting setup, with a large softbox set up 45 degrees to the camera right, and a second light to highlight the background. Rather than have Katie running through dance routines, it was decided to focus on particular movements so as to re-shoot to capture the peak moment. It was very surprising how much energy and stamina dancers have as Katie was on the move the whole time.

If you are a dancer or knows someone who wants to have something similar to this dance photoshoot, I would love the opportunity to do this kind of photography again! It makes a really refreshing change for me to be shooting this sort of imagery. Let me know on my contact page or Facebook Fan Page

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