Stylized Rother Valley Portrait Photoshoot: Hollie

Stylized Rother Valley Portrait Photoshoot: Hollie

Newspaper Princess by Jon Howson Photography

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Portrait photoshoot of Newspaper Princess by Jon Howson Photography

Stylized Rother Valley Portrait Photoshoot Images

Hollie, a young model and a mutual friend of a musician I regularly perform with, recently contacted me via my Facebook Fan Page. This was to help her to come up with some creative images for her fledgling modelling career, and add to the photography projects that I am working on. We were very fortunate with the weather, luckily choosing a day with sunshine amongst a multitude of rainy days.

We prepared and constructed the newspaper dress for this portrait photoshoot on location shortly after Hollie and her mother arrived. The outcome of the dress remains a mystery until the entire black slip is covered with newspaper and matt gaffer tape. No design has yet to be replicated from one model to the next. A cummerbund type waist was added to the dress to prevent the weight of the newspaper dress dragging the entire outfit down off Hollie.

After the dress was completed, Hollie and I ventured around a small area of the park utilising different backdrops from brick work and walls through to natural foliage to add variety to the portrait photoshoot.

Some of my favourite images from the short two hours session were when we came up with the scenario of Hollie being a Cinderella type figure running away from the event.

Thank you Hollie for working with me on this project. It was a fun, relaxed and creative evening, and I wish you success in your applications for modelling agencies.

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